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Our Online Classroom

GoToForensics developed this learning center for active and retired law enforcement and transportation safety officials.  Have you ever wanted to take a short class only to be turned down due to all the associated costs and time?
 Imagine being able to complete courses without the expense of travel, accommodation, meals and more. Right from the comfort of your office.

 You will have the opportunity to learn from industry luminaries and subject-matter experts. Experts with the years of experience needed and the fortitude to embrace new technologies.

 The interactive virtual classroom has all the tools for classes to be interactive, concise, interesting, and well paced.

 Your instructor uses a variety of ways to interact such as two-way audio conversations, live quizzes, polling, text chat, desktop-streaming, live software demonstrations, visual content, attendance records, video, web links, document and other files sharing and instant feedback tools. You can also see your instructor through HD webcam.

 We invite you to explore the courses and should you have any requests for classes, let us know! Email us at support@gotoforensics.com.