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Prerequisites: You should have completed a basic MapScenes Forensic CAD training course. The student should have a general knowledge of CAD drawing and Forensic Mapping Techniques.

Approved for 20 ACTAR CEU Credits

Hours to Complete        
Students are required to map their network drive and demonstrate file recovery from archived and corrupt drawing files.
Modeling a 3D site from supplied data. Displaying a proper triangulated network.
Modification of a 3D symbol to accurately depict crush damage.
Generate and apply textures, materials, and ortho-mosaic models.
From mapped data, measure radius, site distances, and angles.
Generate a court room ready exhibit using 2D and 3D CAD graphics

No of Sessions 6     Session length  2 hours
 Learning Objective:

This course is designed to improve the individual users skills in advanced CAD techniques using MapScenes Forensic CAD® software. It is recommended that you have a good working knowledge of Evidence Recorder.

The focus of this course is to elevate the users knowledge and skill set in Advanced CAD operations.  Students will be introduced to techniques of 3-D CAD drawing and surface modeling to enhance their understanding of collision dynamics.   The student will learn methods to complete a collision analysis within the CAD environment.  An emphasis will be placed on advanced techniques in graphic presentations of the finished work product.  Instructors will ensure that each student not only has the knowledge to complete the course work but they will be prepared to explain these techniques in a court of law.

Topics will be presented in a lecture format with visual aids.  Live web demonstrations will reinforce the techniques covered in each lecture.  Work projects and session assessments will be completed by each student to gauge their progress.  Students will have the opportunity to submit questions electronically as each session progresses.    Students will be required to attend all six two hour web sessions.  All work projects and assessments must be completed to receive credit for the course.  In the event a session is missed the student will be able to view the missed session via a web link.

Session Topics

 1. Advanced Forensic CAD Operations

2. Surface Modeling

3. 3-D Drawing and Symbol Use

4. Reconstruction Applications

5. Graphic Presentation and Court Preparations